FINAL RESULTS: Students Pick Obama and Klobuchar, Reject Amendments

‘Hopkins Votes’ is a mock election that teaches students about the democratic process.

Hopkins students may have come to the same conclusions as Minnesotans who can actually vote, but the races in their districtwide mock election were decided in a much more one-sided fashion than the real races that had voters staying awake late into the night.

Hopkins students picked President Barack Obama by more than a three-to-one margin and favored Sen. Amy Klobuchar nearly five to one.

The amendment questions that were up in the air for so long in the actual election lost in a landslide.

“Hopkins Votes” is a mock election organized by the Hopkins school district. Students learn about how voting works, voting etiquette and what it means to be a good citizen.

Fourth through sixth graders vote for both president and senator, using only the names of the candidates. First through third graders vote only for president and use online ballots with the candidates’ names and photos. Kindergarteners use paper ballots in order to speed up the process.

For older students, the process more closely resembles the actual system. In the junior highs, students vote for the president and state senators. They learn about the Electoral College, and homerooms vote as members of the college.

At Hopkins High School, students vote for the president and state senators using a replica of the actual ballot. They use both the popular vote and Electoral College.

Click here for a full story and photos of Eisenhower Elementary voting.


Districtwide Results


  • Barack Obama: 76 percent
  • Mitt Romney: 22 percent

U.S. Senate 

  • Amy Klobuchar: 64 percent 
  • Kurt Bills: 13 percent

Marriage Amendment

  • No: 75 percent
  • Yes: 25 percent

Voter ID Amendment

  • No: 67 percent
  • Yes: 33 percent


Elementary School Results

Alice Smith

  • Barack Obama: 443
  • Mitt Romney: 97


  • Barack Obama: 630
  • Mitt Romney: 135

Glen Lake

  • Barack Obama: 322
  • Mitt Romney: 180


  • Barack Obama: 487
  • Mitt Romney: 111

L.H. Tanglen

  • Barack Obama: 354
  • Mitt Romney: 96


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