Burnsville High Begins Transitioning to 9-12 Transcript, Registration System

While reviewing Burnsville High's newest course offerings, Principal Dave Helke outlined a plan to consolidate registration and transcripts for grades 9 through 12.

In deference to the vast majority of colleges and universities, Burnsville High's distinctive 10 through 12 registration and transcript system will undergo a gradual overhaul, Principal Dave Helke told the board.

Ninth graders will continue to attend the district's junior highs, rather than the main high school campus, but their registration guide will be included in the high school's. Eventually, Helke hopes to develop a 9 through 12 GPA and transcript system as well. It is thought that the change will help simplify the college application process (most post-secondary institutions ask for a 9 through 12 transcript), and ideally, get students to plan for their post-secondary career earlier.

"We're doing this to allow students and families to do more high school planning at an earlier stage," Helke said.  

BHS is also refining its course offerings to focus on specific career tracks, rather than generic electives like "shop." The class previously known as "Foods" will now be "culinary arts," and the instructor will attempt to replicate a course that would be found at a real post-secondary school like Le Courdon Bleu.

"We want our class to reflect what is actually happening out in the food service industry," Helke said.

BHS is also offering an expanded number of courses focusing on college readiness. Next year, BHS will offer a college-in-the-schools class (which help students earn credits while still in high school) covering Sociology that is entry level, ie for students in the middling range, academically speaking.

"We're targeting kids who get Bs, Cs, or even Ds, in an attempt to give them a chance to take a college level course," Helke said.

To see a full list of the courses to be added and those that will be deleted, click here: New Classes for 2013-2014.


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