House Hunt, Savage: A High Class Home with a 'Hidden Room'

This home nestled between the Credit River and Murphy Hanrehan Park Reserve allegedly has a secret chamber, or so the real estate agent coyly suggests.

5506 Edgewater Drive: This five-bed, four-bath home in one of Savage's toniest additions has it all. The palatial new home was built in 2012, and it comes with a marbled fire place, chandeliers galore, a whirlpool tub and, most interestingly, a secret room. It is priced accordingly. The beautiful 4,404 square foot home in Trace Water is the most expensive on the Savage market right now. And it has actually gained—not lost— $70,000 in value since it entered the market in April of 2012. Currently priced at $619,900. An open house is scheduled for Friday, Feb. 8, from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


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