VIDEO: Obermueller Ad Compares Washington D.C. to Overstaffed Pizza Parlor

Eagan resident Mike Obermueller, a Democrat running against incumbent Rep. John Kline (R), spent approximately $150,000 on the ad.

Second Congressional District challenger Mike Obermueller, a Democrat, released his first televised campaign advertisement earlier this week.

The ad, which cost the Obermueller campaign $150,000 to run, draws a tongue-in-cheek comparison between Washington D.C. and an overstaffed, inefficient pizza parlor.

Obermueller, an Eagan resident, is campaigning against incumbent Rep. John Kline (R), of Lakeville.

"Democrats don’t want to cut wasteful spending and Republicans are just as wasteful when they want more tax breaks for millionaires," Obermueller said in the advertisement.

Terry Elliott October 19, 2012 at 06:18 PM
He's exactly right. I was actually born in DC and lived in the area for many years. Today, while most of the country is trying to get by, DC continues as a recession-proof town. Thirty percent of the construction cranes in the US are currently being used in the DC Metro area-- they can't expand government and the services and housing it drives fast enough. Unfortunately for Mike Obermueller, Rep. John Kline has a consistent record of reining in waste in government spending. Against the vociferous opposition of Minnesota Democrats, he worked for years to get earmarks abolished in the Democratic-controlled House. There's much much more to do, and Kline is the right one to do it.


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