City Budgets $851,000 for Park Improvments in 2012

The city of Burnsville plans to spend more on parks this year, but is still constrained by economic uncertainty.

After a few years of austerity, the city's parks department is loosening its belt, slightly. The department has requested $851,000 in spending on parks this year — a relatively modest amount compared to other years though the total for 2012 does outpace requested capital spending in 2011 by about $100,000. 

"We haven't been doing a lot of improvements. With the tough economy we've held back on new projects," said Terry Schultz, director of parks, recreation and natural resources.

For now, the city's top priority is maintenance. Improvements come next: These are upgrades like adding in a concession stand, restrooms, or replacing a gravel parking lot with asphalt.

Typically, the third priority is building new walking and biking trails. As in 2011, there will be no new trail development in 2012 due to financial constraints.

"We have no funding for that, so we mostly do trails as grant funds become available," Schultz told the Parks and Natural Resources Commission during its Monday meeting

Here's what the money will go to:

Updating the Parks Master Plan 

Replacing miscellaneous items like picnic tables, bleachers, etc.

Refurbishing the Parking Lots 

  • Arbor Park
  • Crosstown West
  • Neill
  • Skyline
  • Terrace Oaks West
  • Tyacke
  • West Buck Hill

Resurfacing Tennis Court Surfaces

  • Two courts at Paha Sapa

Replacing Tennis Court Fencing

  • Valley Highlands Park

Replacing Ball Field Fencing

  • Kelleher Park

Replacing Hockey Rink Boards

  • Timberland Park

Replacing Playground Equipment

  • Skyland Park 

Resurfacing Existing Trails

  • Alimagnet
  • Hollows
  • Northview
  • Knob Hill
  • Terrace Oaks East
  • Tyacke
  • West Buck Hill
  • 121st Street north of Cliff Fen Park

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