Holberg Will Seek Re-Election in Lakeville's New House District

In email to supporters, State Rep. Mary Liz Holberg (R-District 36A), said she'll be running for re-election, but not in the newly drawn district she slated to run in.

, Lakeville's State Rep. Mary Liz Holberg (R-District 36A) was faced with a decision. Stay or move.

Her current district—36A—was slid to the west and north and renamed 56B. It also meant if she stayed in that district, she'd represent a bunch of Burnsville and very little of Lakeville, her hometown.

, the bulk of Lakeville, and Holberg's old territory, was left inside a new district called 58A. It's part of State Sen. Dave Thompson's (R-District 36) new district and most importantly, it's a district that is vacant.

In an email, Holberg, the current House Ways and Means Committee chair, cleared up any confusion over what she intends to do. She's Lakeville's representative. She's going to move.

"I grew up here and we raised our family in Lakeville," she wrote in the email. "I have decided to seek the endorsement of the Republican Party to be the candidate in House District 58A (in) Lakeville.”

Holberg said it wasn't an easy decision, and that Burnsville has a lot to offer, but in the end, it's not Lakeville.

“As I pondered the map, it was very hard to know that so many good friends would be split up by lines on a map. It has been a difficult process with no easy answers," she wrote.

Holberg currently lives in the northwest corner of Lakeville. The district she's leaving—56B—includes the Lakeville addresses west of Interstate 35 and south to 185th Street West, along with a small chunk to the east of Interstate 35, including the Argonne and Crystal Lake neighborhoods.

If she runs for election in 58A and wins, Holberg will be forced to move her home into the new district per state residency requirements.


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