Forum with Burnsville's Legislative Candidates Tonight

35W Solutions Alliance will be hosting a debate between the DFL and GOP candidates for house and senate tonight.

The I-35W Solutions Alliance will be hosting a forum for legislative candidates tonight at Burnsville City Hall. The forum was previously scheduled for Oct. 3, but delayed because of first presidential debate.

The forum will begin at 7 p.m. in the Council Chambers at Burnsville City Hall (100 Civic Center Parkway). The forum will include candidates from Burnsville's two Senate Districts—51 and 56, in addition to Shakopee, Lakeville and Apple Valley districts.

Here's a full list of all the candidates on deck.

For senate:

  • Jim Carlson (D) 51
  • Ted Daley (R) 51
  • Kathy Busch (D) 55
  • Eric Pratt (R) 55
  • Dan Hall (R) 56
  • Leon Thurman (D) 56
  • Greg Clausen (D) 57
  • Pat Hall (R) 57
  • Andrew Brobston (D) 58
  • Dave Thompson (R) 58

For house:

  • Diane Anderson (R) 51A
  • Sandra Masin (D) 51A
  • Laurie Halverson (D) 51B
  • Doug Wardlow (R) 51B
  • Mike Beard (R) 55A
  • Chuck Berg (D) 55A
  • Tony Albright (R) 55B
  • Travis Burton (D) 55B
  • David John Jensen (D) 56A
  • Pam Myhra (R) 56A
  • Will Morgan (D) 56B
  • Roz Peterson (R) 56B
  • Roberta Gibbons (D) 57A
  • Tara Mack (R) 57A
  • Mary Liz Holberg (R) 58A
  • Colin Lee (D) 58A
Leon Thurman October 18, 2012 at 03:45 PM
Which party's candidates are more dedicated to finding solutions to Minnesota's current and future problems? Here is a list of the candidates that actually participated in the I-35W Solutions Alliance Candidate Forum: For senate: Jim Carlson (DFL) 51 Eric Pratt (R) 55 Leon Thurman (DFL) 56 Greg Clausen (DFL) 57 Andrew Brobston (DFL) 58 Scott Dibble (DFL) 61 For house: Sandra Masin (DFL) 51A Mike Beard (R) 55A David Jensen (DFL) 56A Will Morgan (DFL) 56B Roberta Gibbons (DFL) 57A Colin Lee (DFL) 58A Frank Hornstein (DFL) 61A Of 13 candidate attendees, 11 were DFL and 2 were Republican.
Nancy October 19, 2012 at 08:40 PM
I live in Senate District 51/House District 51A and I'll be casting my vote for Jim Carlson for MN Senate and Sandra Masin for MN House of Representatives because they have proven records of working together with the people of Minnesota for our betterment!


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