City to Meet with Legislators—New and Old—for Pre-Session Powwow

The City of Burnsville will make a pitch to area legislators, fresh from the campaign trail, that includes a 28 point list of requests.

This year the line up of legislators may inspire a bit of deja vu for Burnsvile city officials, wh plan to meet with the newly seated pols Tuesday night to lobby for a 28-point list of wants for the upcoming session.

More than half are newly-elected DFLers, who turned one-term GOP incumbents out of their seats: Rep. Will Morgan (Burnsville-Lakeville), Sen. Jim Carlson (Burnsville-Eagan) and Rep. Sandra Masin (Burnsville-Eagan). Of the sitting legislators in 2012, only Republicans Sen. Dan Hall (Burnsville-Lakeville-Savage) and Rep. Pam Myhra (Burnsville-Savage) remain.

And yet, none of the DFLers are unfamiliar faces. All were legislators prior to 2010, when the Tea Party movement pushed them out of office in similar (albeit ideologically reversed) circumstances.

The upshot: It should make for an interesting dynamic when the local and state politicians hash out a diverse list of issues that touch on city sovereignty (should the city have more power to punish errant landlords?), whether it is constitutional to use auto-cop system and the proper role of property taxes. See the full list and follow up Wednesday morning for continuing coverage. 


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