Burnsville Population Could Reach Over 76,000 by 2040

Burnsville could see almost 16,000 people added to its population by 2040.

Burnsville could see a population increase of almost 16,000 people by 2040, according to preliminary Met Council estimates

Currently, Burnsville has a population of 60,306 people, the second largest in Dakota County. In terms of population size, Eagan is the largest city in the county with 64,206 people.

In 2040, the estimated population for Burnsville is 76,200 which is around the current population of Brooklyn Park. Eagan could have an estimated 86,800 people by 2040.

Dakota County as a whole is expected to grow almost 30 percent from a population of 398,552 to 517,030 people.

The preliminary local forecasts were released on Wednesday, Sept. 11 to "allow comment on local level assumptions and data inputs," the Met Council explained on its website. They will formally adopt revised forecasts in April 2014.

Click here for a full rundown of the Met Council’s Methodology and the tools it uses.


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