Burnsville Man Charged with Prostituting, Assaulting Pregnant Woman

Javed Mookhtr Mobin is charged with solicitation of prostitution and domestic assault by strangulation.

A Burnsville man has been charged with forcing a woman to work as a prostitute and assaulting her while she was seven months pregnant with his child.

Javed Mookhtr Mobin, 19, is charged with two felonies: solicitation of prostitution, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $40,000 fine, and domestic assault by strangulation, which has a maximum penalty of three years in prison and a $5,000 fine. 

Mobin remained in the Dakota County Jail Tuesday on a $70,000 bond. An omnibus hearing in his case is scheduled Feb. 14 in Dakota County District Court in Hastings.

According to the criminal complaint, Burnsville police arrested a woman for prostitution at the Prime Rate Motel on Jan. 11. The woman told police that Mobin forced her to become a prostitute, that he had repeatedly assaulted her and that she was unable to leave him. 

Police were alerted to the crime through online ads offering the victim’s services as a prostitute, the complaint says. Officers became concerned for the victim’s safety because in pictures accompanying the ads, she appeared to be pregnant and under the influence of drugs, according to the complaint.

Police also had previous contact with both the victim and Mobin, and were aware of Mobin’s “violent history” with the victim, the complaint says.

On Jan. 11, an officer checking hotel guest registries discovered that the victim was the registered occupant of a room at the Prime Rate. The front desk clerk told the officer that the victim was in the room with a man.

An undercover officer repeatedly called the phone number listed in the ads promoting the victim as an “escort,” but was unable to get through. Police checked the phone number and found that it was registered to Mobin.

Just after 6:30 p.m. Jan. 11, the officer got a phone call from the victim, using Mobin’s number. The victim and the officer made arrangements for the officer to buy her services for a half-hour for $150, and the victim said she would meet the officer at a motel side door.

While the officer waited, a man whom he recognized as Mobin walked past him. The officer – who was calling the victim at the time – heard a phone ringing as Mobin passed, but no one answered.

The officer called the number again, and a man answered. The officer heard strong winds blowing in the background; he looked around the corner and saw Mobin standing near some trees between the motel and a gas station.

The victim appeared at the door wearing a low-cut T-shirt and no shoes or socks, the complaint says. The officer asked if she was the woman in the ad; the victim said she was, and the officer arrested her.

Police found Mobin sitting on the stairs near the side entrance and asked if he was staying with the victim. He denied knowing her, but couldn’t explain why he was at the hotel, according to the complaint.

Police arrested Mobin and searched him, finding $565 in cash and three cell phones. When the officer called the number used to set up the appointment with the victim, one of the phones began ringing.

The victim told police that Mobin had strangled her four or five days ago when Mobin became angry about the way she was answering questions. The victim said Mobin slapped her, causing her to hit her head against a wall, then began choking her, stopping when her face began to turn blue, the complaint says.

In July 2011, officers spoke to Mobin’s mother, who called the police to report her son physically abusing the victim. Mobin’s mother said the victim had black eyes and a concussion, and she was concerned for her well-being.

The victim said Mobin had been prostituting her since July, and that she was seven months pregnant with his child. She said he had threatened to kill her many times if she hid money from him, went to the police or “did business” behind his back.

The victim also said Mobin had drugged her by putting sleeping pills in her drinks, and that she felt like a slave to Mobin, who rarely let her speak to her family. She said she was recently hospitalized for a vaginal infection, which she believed she contracted by having sex without using condoms.

The victim said she was afraid to turn away a customer who didn’t have condoms because Mobin would get angry about the missed money.


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