A Case of Disappearing, Vandalized Political Signs

Police Chief Jeff Long said stealing or tampering with a campaign sign is a crime.

Every election cycle, reports of rampant political yard signs being stolen from homes throughout the area seem to crop up.

Police Chief Jeff Long tackled the issue of stolen political signs recently on his official city blog. In fact, Long said he recently found himself the victim of a stolen campaign sign.

Having the title of Chief of Police does not provide immunity to this crime. I had a political sign stolen out of my yard on a Saturday morning by a middle-aged man who pulled up in front of my house, took my sign and threw it in his back seat. Unfortunately, by the time I actually realized what he was doing, he was gone, never to be seen again.

Long said most people don't realize that stealing—or tampering with—a campaign sign is a crime. Offenders can be charged with theft, damage to property and trespassing.

For more information on what do to if your own yard signs go missing, check out Long's full post on the City of Edina's website.

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David F October 04, 2012 at 01:09 PM
From my personal experience working on campaigns that lawn signs do not influence people to vote one way or another. They only advertise who you are voting for and often become an environmental problem if they get blown by the wind (like today). None the less this is no excuse for vandalizing or stealing the signs.


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