Letter to the Editor: Roz Peterson Slurred the Governor for Political Gain

Letter writer asks fellow constituents to vote "no" on Roz Peterson’s "brand of extreme politics."

To the editor:

I think we can all agree that with this election the stakes are high. Our schools are strapped for money. Our economy has not fully recovered. And we have a government whose extreme partisan politics have left it broken.

I’m looking for someone to represent my family and community in the legislature who will work in a civil, bi-partisan way to meet the challenges that face our state. We need someone committed to end the legislative gridlock and extreme partisanship we’ve seen over the past two years that led to the longest government shutdown in Minnesota history, holding our economy back from further progress.  

Looking into our state house candidates, I came across a YouTube clip from Roz Peterson’s speech at the local Republican Party Convention. About 2.5 minutes into the first clip I was floored by what I heard: Roz Peterson insinuating Governor Dayton is mentally unstable.

As I said, we have some tough issues facing our state. But before she’s even elected, Peterson has already engaged in the petty, polarizing political mudslinging that shut our state down, wasting taxpayer dollars and setting our great state back.

On her website Peterson states, “Minnesotans deserve public servants who are able to move beyond the political gridlock that has negatively impacted our state.”

She’s right. That’s why I’m voting NO on Roz Peterson’s brand of extreme politics.  

Jen Waller McDevitt, Lakeville


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