Letter to the Editor: Roz Peterson Could Be Bachmann-In-Training

Letter writer: "It doesn’t seem that Roz Peterson has the temperament or the desire to work with those she disagrees with to find common ground."

To the editor,

Ending the political gridlock in St. Paul is a critical issue of this election year.

Because I want to elect someone who will not further feed into this political standoff, I cannot cast my vote for Roz Peterson. 

In the past week I have seen on multiple outlets, both local and national, the way that Peterson deals with those she disagrees with. The video of her calling the Governor “mentally unstable” was not only disrespectful but is not fitting of the kind of person I want representing me and the community I call home. 

I believe that if Peterson were serious about serving our district, rather than furthering her political career, she would have thought twice before hurling such personal attacks. She was willing to compromise her standing with the Governor—whom she will be forced to negotiate with on the issues that affect our community—in order to please her party’s base. 

Furthermore, she has been endorsed by the ultra-conservative Tea Party that has had a history of resisting bi-partisan compromise. Her willingness to throw offensive remarks at those she disagrees with coupled with her Tea Party endorsement makes me wonder if she’s just another Michelle Bachmann in training. 

It doesn’t seem that Roz Peterson has the temperament or the desire to work with those she disagrees with to find common ground.  

Vote NO on Roz Peterson!

Gayle Peterson, Burnsville

About this column: This is a letter to the editor of Burnsville Patch and all opinions reflect those of the author alone.

Jim Boone October 19, 2012 at 08:17 PM
I am afraid the comments referenced above are indicative of the Minnesota GOP in the last 2 years. Many bills were passed by Minnesota GOP with little or no input allowed from the minority DFL. They refused common sense amendments such as allowing elderly in care facilities the ability to use vouching as the method for showing voter ID. Many bills were essentially photo copied from ALEC. When Governor Dayton vetoed these GOP partisan bills (57 of them), the GOP leadership would arrange a hastily called press conference and rail on the Governor. After watching the session closely the past two years, I believe the Minnesota GOP was more interested in making political points than trying to make our state better, except for the top 1%. The Minnesota GOP Legislative record: Gay marriage amendments, Voter suppression amendments, shifting the debt to the schools, State shutdown, a sex scandal costing $100,000 and counting taxpayer money, eviction notices for GOP headquarters, shell companies to hide party debt, raising property taxes by eliminating the homestead credit and a tax bill attempting to eliminate the Renter's Credit. The recent Republican philosophy since the inception of the Tea Party in all levels of government is "take it or leave it." I for one am not taking it.


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