Letter to the Editor: Morgan Will Protect Education, Schools

Letter writer: Will Morgan is a teacher at Burnsville High School and has an outstanding record protecting our schools at the state legislature.

To the editor:

Education is crucial to a healthy economy. As such, it's crucial we have some one with first-hand experience representing our kids at the Capitol.

Will Morgan's experience comes two fold: not only has he taught Physics for the past 20 years at Burnsville High School, but he also has an outstanding record protecting our schools at the state legislature.

Who better to advocate the interests of our children's education than Will?  As a teacher he sees first hand the effects of education cuts, like the more than $2 billion borrowed from schools by the current legislature. And after teaching for 20 years he's survived the ridiculous unfunded big government mandates (like the Profiles of Learning and No Child Left Behind) that do nothing to improve student learning.

Serving in the legislature from 2006-2010, Will fought for quality reforms that improved teaching and learning for our kids. And, he fought to protect our local schools from state budget cuts. 

Even before he was elected Will was working to reform schools to improve education. Will co-chaired the committee that developed an alternative teacher compensation plan ("Q-comp") for the Burnsville schools. That compensation reform system was called a "model plan" by Governor Pawlenty's commissioner of education.

So as your kids head back to school, think long and hard about the kind of representation you think they deserve in St. Paul. I know I will. That's why I'll be casting my vote for Will Morgan this November.

Diane Struble, Burnsville


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