Letter to the Editor: Bellows for Mayor? Do Your Homework

Letter writer: "Would Bellows as the pastor direct his parishioners to decrease their contributions and then still expect his church to flourish?"

Letter to the editor:

In his letter to the editor, Mr. Bryan Bartz recently gave us a list of six questions to use in evaluating our mayoral candidates. I used the questions and came up with the following:

First point: Party? My initial reaction was this should not matter as our city Mayor is not supposed to be political, and work for the good of all of us. However then the difference in the parties’ views came to mind, Democrats want to make the pie bigger and in it all our slices become bigger. Republicans just want a bigger slice. Seems to me we all will be better off to make our pie bigger. This has worked for us in the past and our city prospered. However Mark Bellows is an extremist Republican / teapartyer focused on the upper class and low taxes. He calls it "to enhance the business climate" If he would instead enhance ordinary folks lives businesses would become automatically enhanced.

Second point: The record in office. In his 10 years as Councilmen Mark Bellows was often at odds with the council and the staff. However this was inconsequential, as he was the minority and was contained by the reasonable folks. Since he became Mayor his stance travels outside the council and started stubbing many ordinary citizens in town.

Third: Is the candidate equipped to handle the job? I don’t think so. He does not understand a good thing when he sees it, like the millions of dollars the liquor stores contributes to our town or what a wise long-term investment is.

He needed to create a whole new layer in the city government to answer his concerns and questions and thereby made more work for everyone. The numerous issues and questions he raises shows how he is groping.

He groundlessly directed the city departments to resubmit their budgets with decreases just to score political points. But how will we grow? Would Bellows as the pastor likewise direct his parishioners to decrease their contributions and then still expect his church to flourish?

Fourth: The question of "political career." Who can predict the future? Many people start in city government and then based on their education, talent and motivation move up. Mark Bellows has all the makings to become an other Jim Bakker or even Pat Robertson.

Fifth: Who is funding the candidate? Where does the money for the big signs come from (At $140 a piece and hundreds all over town)? In my 40 years in Lakeville I have never see any person running for Mayor needing so many and so big signs. It all becomes clear when you see Mark Bellows connection to the Koch Brothers' "Americans for Prosperity."

It forced Matt Little also into big signs. The difference is residents, citizens, voters and associations of local people support Little’s campaign, not corporations, outside money and billionaires.

And finally: Do you trust Mark Bellows? I don’t trust him to run our town. His vision is to give away the stake of citizens in order to cuddle what he calls "business." His thinks’ it is leadership to go backward.

It is concerning that he is participating in an organization known for its anti-social agenda and the dissemination of falsehoods. Will he be advancing their agenda as the mayor of Lakeville? I think it was low that he took advantage of the personal troubles of the former mayor to win the election against her last time. He came to power by negativity. Do we want a person as mayor who's mission it is to reform us to his standards?

I am supporting Matt Little. This uncontaminated young person is extremely smart, mature beyond his age and able to understand and deal with complex issues. He has already accomplished a lot for himself and for our town. Through him and with him we all will flourish and go forward. Enough of Bellows' Negativity.

Joe Niedermayr, Lakeville

Harvey Simpson October 17, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Residence First - You do not realize that the 2.7% levy increase is actually a 9% increase on the businesses of Lakeville. Without these businesses all of the residents would see a significant jump in their taxes. Furthermore, last night in the city council forum, all three running for the two city council seats(swecker, Bares and Anderson) were all aware of these impact on businesses and supported business growth in Lakeville. If you watch the Mayor forum, you will remember that Little said we had too much manufacturing in lakeville and needed to be more discretionary on who we attract to our city - this is an anti-business approach and a future tax liability to the cities RESIDENTS
Charlie Gerk October 17, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Residents First, You sure sound little a bitter city employee.
Harvey Simpson October 17, 2012 at 03:35 PM
Apparently Residents First needs to do his job, not worry about his lack of promotion and take his pissy attitude somewhere else. Maybe the real ruffling of the feathers within the city begins with Residents First and thus his wanting to team up with Matt Little.
Gerald Spande October 17, 2012 at 05:14 PM
I have lived in Lakevill since 1957. I have never before seen so much negativity at election time. Mayor Bellows, not ever again. He has no talent to run a city council meeting. The staff I believe is not happy with him. Matt little is my choice. I have met with him and find him the right choice for mayor of Lakeville. He is always on the lookout for the people of Lakeville. The liquor study, well it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that we make a lot money from them. The study did show that we did not need another store now, but when we do, and we will with Lakeville growing so fast, the land will cost us a lot more then. And those who think that outside stores will bring in revenue, you are wrong, they rent buildings not build. We need soneone as mayor who can work with the rest of the council and City Staff for our benefit. I have seen Bellows show anger and wants it his way. Bellows has created a committeed for Finance, to do what ? Watch over our Fianance Director, are you kidding. Dennis Feller is the best of the best, and Bellows wants to have a commitiee to oversee him ??? Bellows does not know how to run a city and it's staff. Please join me to elect Matt Little as Mayor of Lakeville. Jerry Spande, former Lakeville Councilman
Harvey Simpson October 17, 2012 at 05:47 PM
Gerald, you are out of touch with reality. Matt is on the lookout only for those who vote for him(he does not refute this and is quoted in stating this). Lakeville is blessed with both residents and business. Again, Little only thinks for the people. Your taxes would be astonishingly higher without the business sector subsidizing the residents of Lakeville. Whoever owns the buildings pay the taxes - if they rent them out the tenant normally still pays the CAM expenses which includes the property taxes. We all know the liquor stores generate a large sum of money - I don't understand why the simple minded "little" supporters cannot see past this. The survey was to prove that the stores were a better investment than what a Costco, TraderJo's, Byerlys, MGM (whoever wants to sell liquor) AND it also provided the city with greater information including but not limited to the fact that we didn't need another store at this time, which removed $3,000,000 from the budget. REMEMBER: Little didn't want the survey. Had he been mayor we would be saving $25,000 now but spending $3,000,000 next year to acquire land. If you don't like the negatively you shouldn't be voting for Little as mayor. He has no backing from the other city council members and Swecker, Bares and Anderson all we pretty clear last night that they won't put up with his poor manners next year either. La Beau definately doesn't favor Little. Two more years of Little won't end soon enough council or mayor


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