Time for a True Representative in Congressional District 2

An endorsement for some new blood in the Second Congressional District of Minnesota. It's time to "Clean House" in Washington, D.C.

First I'd like to say that generally speaking John Kline votes to the RIGHT of Michele Bachmann! He voted against equal pay for equal work for women. Against the violence against women act. He voted against allocating funds for homeless vets, against a jobs bill for vets, against the American Jobs Act. He co-authored (with Akin) a bill that defined "five types of rape." He voted FOR the sequester, which, if it goes into effect (and it's looking likely) will cost our state incredible amounts of funding, especially in areas where Kline is supposed to be working for people, unlike military appropriations which are not in his "education and workforce" committee's jurisdiction, but which he has shown inordinate concern for, overriding his concern for the veterans who have returned home. By that I mean he voted for $5 Billion in unnecessary military funding, and against funding for the above mentioned bills to help veterans. The sequester is projected to cost Minnesota:

                              Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies
                                      School Improvement Grants
                              Improving Teacher Quality State Grants
                              21st Century Community Learning Centers
                                               Impact Aid
                              Related to  students of active duty military
                               Special Ed Pre-School State Grants
                                          Federal Work Study
                                                Head Start
                                      Low Income Energy Assistance
                                           Employment Service
                                                 Job Corps
                                   Veterans Employment and Training

And MANY more. Does this look like Congressman Kline is Representing our interests? Or does it look more like someone who wants to privatise everything,especially our schools,which, when given the opportunity to change "no child left behind', has never done so once. Someone who voted against the Bi- Partisan budget amendment that could end homelessness for 11,538 veterans.

Mike Obermueller, who is running to represent US here in the Second Congressional District of Minnesota, Will be a desperately needed breath of fresh air in Washington, D. C..

He has done good work in the House of Representatives in St. Paul.

Including: a bill that made licensing fees more fair for small contractors, bills to improve education, streets, and our unemployment system.

He is concerned about creating jobs that help the agricultural community (that's where he grew-up) and industry here in Minnesota, by developing alternative energy. He will work hard to protect small family farms,including ensuring affordable health care availability. And he's committed to getting all the domestic oil we can and selling it here, in America,not exporting it.

He will eliminate $200,billion in redundacies and waste in government spending (GAO),eliminate programs that aren't working,end tax subsidies for big oil companies, and ask millionaires to pay their fair share.

He won't cut investments in innovation,education,research, and development, that will promote American competitiveness in the future.

He wants strong public education for his two teenage sons, and all our kids, including: lower class sizes and higher standards for schools that reward creativity, with the best teachers. Also making higher education affordable and accessible to all qualified students.

Mike will protect Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security for those who earned it.

He is committed to protecting women from the onslaught of extreme views that would take them back in history to a time of disrespect and unfairness.

The tea party Congress in Washington has intentionally hurt our country, in order to make our President fail. This is not legislating for the good of the people and the country they where sworn to serve. It's time to clean out this extremism,and put a gentleman in Congress that will work in a Bi-Partisan way for the good of all The People and Our Country.

Mike Obermueller is that man.

Check-out his website: MikeObermueller.com or Obermueller For Congress on Facebook...or Twitter @Obermueller2012

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David Mindeman October 12, 2012 at 06:13 PM
Why does Kline have time for big shot fundraisers like the Elephant Club, but never seems to be available for debates? Kline has never been accessible to constituents and is content to hide on the issues. What kind of representative is that?
Heyitsme October 16, 2012 at 02:42 PM
A bill that made licensing fee better for small contractors??? Really, funny my brother in law was a licensed home remodeler and his fee doubled, not reduced, not friendly to him. Then there was all the testing fees and classes that were expensive.
Heyitsme October 16, 2012 at 02:45 PM
You're talking about John Kline? Disdain for others beliefs? I haven't seen it yet. He is for the veteran, being one himself. Hostile? When, give some examples that can be verified.
matt lehman October 25, 2012 at 04:04 AM
John Kline has been and is very accessible to constituents. He holds more townmeetings then most, he may not jump at the exact second you seek but, he does respond to all requests. I know this first hand as an elected councilmen in his Congressional District. I support Kline because he has the peoples best interest at heart proven by his record. He does not pander nor support pork projects, he believes projects should be prioritized and funded based on the merits. The debt cliff Obama has inflated requires experienced balanced common sense minded people to repair, Kline is the person for this task!
matt lehman October 25, 2012 at 04:06 AM
Many of these fees are state, county, and city fees. can you be specific of the fees you are citing?


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