You Review It: Taqueria La Hacienda

Tell us and other users what you think of Taqueria La Hacienda by giving it a star rating or writing a review.

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Love a local business or restaurant? Come to think of it, maybe you hate it ...

Either way, your neighbors in Burnsville care what you think.

Patch's 'You Review It' is a chance for you to share your thoughts about a Burnsville business. You can give it a rating, leave a review, and share comments with your neighbors so they know whether they should or shouldn't go.

This week: , a local restaurant that is burning it up on Yelp!

Here's what Yelp users had to say:

"Not going to lie - this is by far the best Mexican food I have had since leaving LA. So incredibly authentic and to top it off, there is a real Mexican bakery right next door," said Nicole R. of Savage.

"The best and most authentic mexican food in the Twin Cities. Tacos al Pastor for $1. I lived in Mexico City for 4 years and always crave these... and now I can find them in Burnsville - amazing!" said Brian M. of Eden Prairie. "Get them 'con todo' which means with onion, cliantro, and pineapple (yes, pineapple). They use Oaxaca cheese in the quesadillas."

Been there? Tell us what your impressions were. Click the link and review away.

About this column: You Review It is a weekly feature that allows people of Burnsville to review and rate a particular place or service.


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