Reviews Roll in for The Lynn on Bryant

The new eatery at 50th and Bryant opened three weeks ago.

It's been three weeks and already Lynnhurst's newest restaurant is drawing praise—and criticism.

In its first two examinations by local foodie publications, The Lynn on Bryant got some high praise. CityPages' food blogger Joy Summers praised the breakfast offerings like the breakfast sandwich ("some of the best breakfast sausage we've tasted in a while"), French toast ("perfection"), and the coffee from St. Paul's Kopplin's Coffee. The Heavy Table's Jason Walker highlighted the more traditional French-inspired fare. The eatery's sole UrbanSpoon reviewer called The Lynn "perfect."

But some of those reviews came with qualifications.

Yelp! reviewers were split between 10 positive and three negative reviews, with upset commenters focusing their criticism on the way the food was executed. The Heavy Table pointed out that some have called The Lynn's "elegant" menu "expensive," and their final impression was one of a "work in progress" as owners Peter Ireland and Jay Peterson adapt to the neighborhood's desires.

What do you think of The Lynn? Leave your reviews in the comments section below!

Chris Leaf November 07, 2012 at 02:46 PM
I took my wife and mother to The Lynn for a special birthday meal and it was simply a wonderful experience! Nice to be seated by the owner himself, who also took a few minutes to speak with us about the progress of his vision. Every bite of food was a slice of heaven. Yes, a little expensive, but for a special occassion I couldn't recommend the experience enough. Sincere, friendly and frequent (but not too frequent) service, and creative dishes made eating fun again. I will be, and have been, recommending this place to anyone open to a new and refreshing dining experience.
James Sanna November 07, 2012 at 04:37 PM
Thanks for your insight, Chris!


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