Coon Rapids Company to Relocate Corporate HQ to Burnsville

Northwest Lighting Systems announced that it would move its headquarters to Burnsville to account for a boom in business in the south suburbs.

Burnsville will soon be home to Northwest Lighting Systems, a 21-year-old lighting wholesaler presently headquartered in Coon Rapids.

Northwest Lighting is a nationally known company, which sells commercial and industrial lighting to electrical contractors, property managers and maintenance companies in every U.S. state. The company is in the midst of a major expansion which will double its warehouse capacity, according to a press release. Prior to 2012, Northwest Lighting had a warehouse in Coon Rapids and another in New Hampshire, which served customers on the east coast.

This year, Northwest has added two new warehouse locations, one in Burnsville and another in Tempe, Ariz. in an effort to build distribution centers closer to key, emerging markets. The Arizona warehouse will cut down delivery time to the west coast, a growth area for Northwest Lighting. The move to Burnsville better positions the company to capitalize on a "rapidly expanding customer base in the South Suburbs of Minneapolis." In the years to come, Northwest hopes to expand into the southeast and the Pacific northwest as well.

Its new headquarters will be located at 12001 Riverwood Drive in Burnsville. Officials at Northwest Lighting expect to complete the transition by Jan. 1, 2013.


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