New Consignment Store Brings Style, Flash to Burnsville Bargain Hunters

It's New to U moved from downtown Savage to Burnsville's Town & Country strip mall in early August.

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Although the name suggests otherwise, It's New to U should be somewhat familiar. Burnsville's newest consignment store was an old standby in Savage until this summer. 

After four years in Burnsville's smaller neighbor, Owner Alison Formaneck relocated the shop to the storefront that used to house Natalya's Gifts in the Town & Country Mall. Formaneck started renovations in July and officially reopened for business on Aug. 3.

Formaneck's new spot offers an additional 200 square feet of second-hand shopping bliss for shoppers looking for gently used skirts, shirts and even a Coach purse or two. The store stocks sizes for almost everyone, from toddlers to men sized 2X. 

For those who are unfamiliar with consignment, here's how it works. Formaneck caters to both clothes buyers and sellers. Those who bring their clothing to the store for re-sale enter into a 60-day contract. Once the clothing is purchased, the profit is split 50-50 between the original owner and Formaneck.  

Formaneck has a very detailed system to keep her store organized. Each item is tracked through a computer database, from the moment the seller walks in the door until the final sale. Individual items are searchable by seller, color, size or brand, so if a customer comes in looking for a pink sweater by Ann Taylor Loft Formaneck has a list of options right at her fingertips.

Usually, no high-tech assistance is necessary, though.

"This is like my giant walk-in closet. I know where everything is," Formaneck said. "I know every piece as if it was my own."

Prior to opening It's New to U, Formaneck had a career in real estate, but she found her calling while browsing in second-hand shops. Eventually, the Richfield native got a second job at one of her regular shopping spots. The experience inspired her to branch out and start a store of her own.   

"I love clothes. Who doesn't?" Formaneck said. "This is something I've always wanted to do."

Special Note: When entered into a GPS system the address for It's New to U sends drivers to an apartment complex down the road. As a result, even Formaneck's most devout customers have been unable to find the store, which is tucked in between Shooter's and a Halal market. Find directions from Savage to the new store on Formaneck's Facebook Page.


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