Burnsville Cops Arrest Shakopee Woman for Illicit Shopping Spree

Tina Noak Dabkeo, 19, allegedly tried to sneak out of a Burnsville department store with dozens of DVDs from the entertainment aisle hidden under rugs from homeware department.

A 19-year-old Scott County woman faces a felony theft charge after she allegedly tried to steal over $1,000 worth of goods from a Burnsville store.  

Tina Noak Dabkeo, of Shakopee, is charged with felony theft, a charge that carries up to five years in prison and $10,000 in fines. She faces a second count for giving false information to police, a gross misdemeanor.

Dabkeo was arrested after an incident last Thursday, when Burnsville Police were called to a large department store on report of a shoplifter fighting with loss prevention staff. Store employees first noticed Dakeo around 2 p.m. that afternoon, when she picked out multiple box sets of DVDs, put them in a cart and then cover them with a few small rugs from the home section. Dakeo lingered in the store's cafe for a few minutes, then pushed the cart out the front door.

The sensors on the merchandise went off as she left the building. Employees caught up to her in the parking lot and persuaded her to come back into the store.

When police arrived, Dabkeo gave them the name of another person. She presented an ID with a photo that resembled her, but was not a perfect match. Dabkeo was accurately identified after officers scanned her fingerprints with an IBIS device, a mobile fingerprint reader

Dabkeo later told police that she'd given them a false name because she knew there were outstanding warrants for her arrest. Dabkeo is the subject of an open theft case in Scott County and four more criminal cases in Hennepin as well.

Dakeo was booked in at the Dakota County Jail as of Monday afternoon. She has since been released.


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