Boozing After Balloting? Not So Much

So far, Burnsville bars have seen no unusual increase or decrease in business due to Election Night in 2012.

Tuesday, Nov. 6: It's been a good night so far at Champp's Americana in Burnsville, but  it would be hard to say whether that's due to the election-in-progress or Kids Eat Free Night.

"Kids Eat Free night always draws a good crowd, so it would be hard to say," said Champp's manager on duty, who doesn't recall any noteworthy uptick in activity on Election Night of 2008, either. "But we'll have to see what happens as the night goes on."

Though plenty of people are getting their vote on, it would seem that though the stakes are high this year Burnsville's voters are not getting their drink on, at least not yet. Staff at McKracken's, the High 5 (successor to Primetime) and Carbone's all echoed those at Champp's: All quiet on the western front.

"We've got some people with stickers on coming in, but nothing real noticeable," said Kevin D. manager at Carbone's. "We would welcome that though. We definitely support that."

The World Wide Web tells a different story. One simple google search for "drinking on election night" brings up 42 million results, with dozens and dozens of election night drinking games to liven up the hours as the results come in. 


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