Bites Nearby: A Fire Down in Northfield

The Bad Idea Burger is hotter than the grill it cooks on.

The Bad Idea Burger is more than just a cleverly-named menu item.

"They have to sign a waiver before they can eat it," Greg Brown said. Greg is the chef at the new in Northfield that serves up this fiendish feast. The waiver is about a page long, explains the origin of the Bad Idea Burger, describes the ingredients and warns about the effects of eating it. The burger is most popular with the late night crowd, but occasionally a few brave sober souls will take the challenge.

This isn't just an empty warning. The fiery red sauce spread liberally over the burger and a jalapeño relish, is made of the hottest peppers known to man, including the ghost pepper. Just standing in the same kitchen as the sauce can bring stinging tears to your eyes.

But the burger isn't just about the heat. Before the burn takes over, it is a full flavored meal and according to a few proud diners, the moments of bliss is worth the pain.

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