Want a Kindle? Sign Up for the Metro Transit '2012 Commuter Challenge'

The agency is giving away Amazon Kindles, netbooks and gift cards to those who sign up.

Sustainability never looked so good. This month Metro Transit kicked off its 2012 Commuter Challenge, which offers some snazzy prizes for taking the bus or car-pooling to work.

The challenge runs between April 1 and June 30. Those who sign up must pledge to take the bus or train, bicycle, carpool, walk, telework or vanpool instead of driving alone. In exchange, they will be entered into a prize drawing for the , a Kindle reader, netbooks and Visa gift cards.

Those who regularly log their trips online are eligible to win even more prizes during monthly drawings held by the transit agency. 

Of course, the challenge's ultimate goals far outweigh the immediate benefit of a $100 Target gift card. The annual contest seeks to promote environmental, financial and physical health of all. 

According to the Pioneer Press, 2012 marks the 10th year of the challenge, which is also a lead in to another initiative, Bike Walk Week, a week of commuter events from June 2-10. During last year's challenge, participants entered in nearly 200,000 trips and 2.5 million miles using transit, bicycling, walking or ride sharing.

Check out the rules before you enter. For more information, visit the Commuter Challenge main page.


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