Transplanted Tiger Cub Makes a Pair at Minnesota Zoo

See video and photos of an Amur tiger cub that was transferred to the Minnesota Zoo last week, and is being raised with the other cub recently born at the zoo.

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Another endangered Amur tiger cub has found a new home at the .

The zoo is now hand-rearing two female tiger cubs together—one , and an even younger cub, transferred from the St. Louis Zoo late last week, according to a press release.

Zoo staff hope the social interaction between the two encourages natural tiger behaviors, the release says.

While the cubs are off exhibit at this time, you can see them on the zoo's tiger webcam.

Amur tigers have been at part of the Minnesota Zoo’s Northern Trail exhibit since the zoo opened in 1978, and are managed under the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Tiger Species Survival Plan.

The Minnesota Zoo is one of 13 coalition members that comprise the Amur Leopard and Tiger Alliance, which provides resources for conservation of the animals in the wild, the release says. Minnesota Zoo staff also coordinates the Tiger SSP’s new Tiger Conservation Campaign.

To learn more about these efforts, visit the zoo's website and the campaign's Facebook page.

Learn more about the Amur tiger on the zoo's website.

Anna Schier July 25, 2012 at 06:18 AM
These little ladies are adorable! Any word on when they'll be available for viewing?


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