New Case of Pig Flu Pops Up in Dakota County

State officials say that a man in his 20's has contracted swine flu, a new strain called H3N2, the second case reported in Dakota County.

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The Minnesota Department of Health announced that another case of H3N2v, a new strain of swine flu, has been confirmed.

The latest case was contracted by a man in his twenties, who became sick after purchasing a pig from a live animal market in Dakota County on Aug. 17. This is the third case to appear in Minnesota. The first two were reported in early August, when two fell ill after visiting a live animal market.

The three cases are part of larger outbreak of pig flu. To date, there have been 277 confirmed cases nationwide, according to Center for Disease Control. Since July, 13 people have been hospitalized. All have recovered. 

So far, the virus' behavior has not changed. The disease has not become more virulent or shown the ability to spread among humans, Deputy State Epidemiologist Richard Danila said in a press release.

“Although people can get the virus from pigs, it isn’t easily passed from one person to another, and the illness has not been severe,” Danila said. “For the most part, people get this illness from pigs. Any situation where people come in contact with pigs can be a potential source of exposure.” 

MDH officials stressed that there is no evidence that live animal markets pose a unique risk to visitors. However, MDH and other state entities have made efforts to contain the spread of H3N2v through swine exhibits at the State Fair and local county fairs. Most reported cases have occurred in children and teens who were exhibiting swine at state or local fairs.

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