What's the Best Halloween Candy if You're On a Diet?

Hint: It's not candy corn.

Halloween is drawing near and if you're a parent, an avalanche of candy is coming your way. How can you keeps the pounds off and cope with the constant temptation?  

Well, one thing is clear: Stay away from the candy corn. They may seem too small to make much of a difference, but these mellowcremes pack in a lot of calories. Just eight pieces of Brach's Candy Corn will set you back 140 calories. That's right. Less than a handfill of candy kernels have more calories than entire bag of airpopped popcorn, 10 tortilla chips and a half cup of fresh salsa, or a half a cup of frozen yogurt.

As for other candies, portion control is key, but don't think "Fun Size" or "Miniatures" are always the better bet. Five Reese's Miniatures have more calories than two regular sized Peanut Butter Cups or 51 individual Reese's Pieces, for example. And a serving of a classic-sized Kit Kat has the same amount of calories as the "Snack Size" Kit Kat or the "Miniatures."

And don't assume that one serving size is equivalent with a single package. There are 4.5 servings of Reese's Pieces in a standard size bag, which means that each package contains 900 calories. That's about half of the recommended daily calorie intake for the typical woman.

To help you out, we've provided a list of popular candies and their calorie counts (which is are usually buried deep in the manufacturer's website). Unlike many Halloween diet guides, you don't have to click through a photo gallery to see it. You can also check out some other Patch articles—Healthy Eating and Halloween: Tips to Avoid Scary Extra Pounds and The Best Halloween Candy for Your Waistline.

Here's the list, without any further ado:



Musketeers Calories From Fat Standard Size 260 70 Minis 170 50 Fun Size 190 50 M&Ms Calories From Fat Milk Chocolate (1.69 oz) 240  90 Peanut (1.74 oz) 250 120 Minis (1.08 oz) 150 60 Milky Way Calories From Fat Simply Caramel 250 100 Classic, Standard Size 260 90 Minis (5 Pieces) 190 70 Fun Size (2 Bars) 150 50 Midnight 220 70 Midnight Minis (5 Pieces) 180 60 Snickers Calories From Fat Standard Size 280 130 Miniatures (4 Units) 170  70 Fun Size (2 Bars) 160 70 Almond 230 90 Snickers Dark 250 110  Twix Calories From Fat Standard 250 110 Minis (3 Pieces) 150 60 Fun Size (2) 250 130 Reese's Calories From Fat Reese's Pieces (51 pieces) 200 80 Peanut Butter Cups 210 110 Reese's Minis (11 pieces) 200 100 Miniatures (5 pieces) 220 110 Kisses Calories From Fat Classic (9 pieces) 200 100 Almond 210 110 Dark 190 100 Kit Kat Calories From Fat Classic (One Pack) 210 90 Snack Size (3 two-piece bars) 210 90 Miniatures (5 pieces) 210 90

Not Chocolate


Brand Calories Skittles  250 Starburst (9 pieces) 130 Jolly Rancher (3 pieces) 70 Milk Duds (52 g) 230 Twizzlers (45 g) 160 York (39 g) 140


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