No. 5 Story of the Year: Ribbon Cutting, Acquisition and Law Suit Top Off Tumultuous Month at Goodrich

Fatal car crashes, big business developments and some weird, weird weather. Patch looks back at the Top 5 stories of 2012.

Editor's Note: As the New Year approaches, Burnsville Patch will review the Top 10 most significant stories of 2012, in terms of total pageviews and impact to the community. Disagree with our assessment, or have other stories you think should've made the Top 10? Please post your feedback or thoughts in the comment stream below. And be sure to check back tomorrow to see the next story in our New Year's countdown.


One of Burnsville's most important employers went through a period of intense change and transformation in just 30 days. United Technologies acquired the company, Goodrich, in one of the largest acquisition deals in the aviation industry's history. That same month, the company debuted an expanded facility, lost its handle on the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index  and said adieu to President Brian Gora, who then sued for $2.6 million in lost pay.

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