MN Zoo's Tiger Cub-naming Contest: Nadya, Sundari in the Lead

The Minnesota Zoo has narrowed thousands of names for its Amur Tiger cubs to just six: Vote and help decide which ones will prevail.

The Minnesota Zoo's Amur Tiger cubs are one step closer to having permanent names.

Zookeepers selected the top six names after thousands of suggestions poured in from fans via the Internet, but the public will have the final say. Voting is open until Oct. 28.

The names up for a vote are:

Cub 1

  • Anastasia (196 as of Monday morning)
  • Sundari (298)
  • Tanya (29)

Cub 2

  • Magiya (78)
  • Nadya (306)
  • Arianna (136)

The unnamed cubs already have a high profile. The pair are popular with the public, which has been following their story since summer. The zoo announced that a litter of two had been born in mid-June, but only one survived the first few days. To keep the remaining baby company, the zoo brought in another cub, a transplant from the St. Louis Zoo. Zoo officials brought the female cubs together to promote socialization, since both had to be hand-reared by humans because their mothers did not successfully nurse them. The girls are now five to six months old, and almost off of bottles.

The cubs made their first public appearance this month.


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