House Hunt: What Does an $89,000 Home Look Like?

Burnsville Patch has an answer, and it's not what you'd expect.

Last week, we highlighted some of the on the Burnsville market. This week we're taking the opposite approach: What kind of house can you get for under $130,000? Here's your answer. 

13016 Oliver Avenue South: A four-bedroom, two-bath twin home with deck and large yard for $89,900. This home has seen a 35 percent reduction in price since 2010, when it was valued at $136,700. At it's current price, it costs $53 per square foot.

1306 Woodhill Road: A three-bed, one-bath rambler from the 1950s, going for $95,000. In better times, this home was valued at over twice its current price: In 2006, it sold for $200,000. This is a bank-owned property which has had professional remediation and now it is almost completely gutted. As an agent might say, it's a "great investment property" where you can "start with a clean pallet." 

12505 Skyline Drive: A three-bed, two-bath home with attached garage for $105,000. Built in 1960. Priced at $88 per square foot. 

1515 Woodhill Road: A three-bed, one-bath home with deck, high-efficiency furnace, and hardwood floors underneath carpet. Priced at $119,000, or $113 a square foot. This home sold for $175,000 in 2007.

13849 Shirley Drive: A five-bed, two-bath 3,224 square foot home for just $129,900. Built in 1959. The price of this home has declined almost 60 percent since it last sold in 2005. It is currently priced at $40 a square foot. 

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