Craigslist Curiosities: Car—Some Assembly Required

This 1978 Datsun 280Z both "runs" and "drives," or so we're told, but you'll have to put the doors in yourself.

Battery Included

Selling my 1978 280Z, runs and drives. It has 118K miles, rust bucket like all of MN Zs, but it has lots of new parts. I'm asking $1,600.

The goods news: Comes with 16x10 Diamond racing wheels, new MAF, new alternator, new battery, new spark plugs and wires, a turbo exhaust manifold, new windshield, rust-free doors and new fuel lines. And now the bad news: You'll have to install the turbo exhaust manifold, new windshield and rust-free doors yourself, since they are not presently on the car. The Datsun is also missing front and rear bumpers, has no muffler and no carpet and a cracked dash.

Says the poster: Pretty firm on the price, most of MN Zs go for a lot more and they are piles of crap that don't run.

Rock-A-Hula Baby

This poster's offer? A party in a box, a Hawaiian Luau to be exact. All the trimmings but a suckling pig for $110: An 11-inch musical dancing hula girl (battery included), raffia table skirts, raffia colored and natural beachcomer hats, an aloha paddle sign, assorted size fish nets and more.

These items pictured below were purchased for my folk's 50th Wedding Anniversary... luau style : ). All items used once for that wonderful party (except all leis, barrettes, hats and wrist bands listed here were leftover and not used) and stored in a smoke-free house. 

Not Included: Two lighted palm trees (76-inch and 54-inch, respectively)  and ukuleles. These items have already been sold.

Perfect for the Napoleanic Complex in your life

Authentic Minnesota Fats mini wood pool table...so cool! I have seen lots of small tables but never a Minnesota Fats minature made by the Goods Manufacturing Company in the mid 1960's and then again in the mid 80's. So cool. Quality condition, same quality as a regilar size pool table.

No Plane Jane

Barbie Glam Jet is the only way to fly
Girls can give Barbie and her Fashionista friends the ultimate travel experience
Features realistic sounds and working microphone for girls to make in-flight announcements
First class cabin also converts to a pop out tropical resort
Includes Glam Jet with built in microphone, food cart and food pieces and luggage

Under Rug Swept

Fender Stratocaster Squier Series guitar, signed by singer/guitarist Alanis Morrissette. Cream colored. Serial number of the guitar is MN570259.

Purchased at a charity auction during my "I am going to learn to play the guitar" phase - which was short-lived. Owned by Alanis Morrissette and played during concerts - signed at the end of the Minneapolis concert and donated to charity auction. 

A $1,250 Duffel Bag 

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