5 Things To Do In Burnsville Before The World Ends Friday

It's incredibly unlikely, but why hedge your bets?

The Mayan Apocalypse may be entirely apocryphal—see NASA for details—but just in case, here's Burnsville Patch's shortlist for things you should do around town before the world ends. Why hedge your bets, we say, when you could have a lot of fun even if the world doesn't end?

This list just represents our opinion, though, so add your picks in the comments!

  1. Coffee — Burnsville has some great coffee shops, and this is hardly the time to start the day with some freeze dried Folgers. Why not gird yourself for the end-of-days with a pumpkin mocha latte and a Hot Mama waffle at Buzz Coffee & Cafe? Or go to Jo Jo's Rise & Wine, where you could conceivably start your last Friday with a cup of joe and end it with a bottle of Shiraz? 
  2. Walk around the Minnesota River shore for the last time — Burnsville is lucky to be so close to river, which can make even a drive down the utilitarian I-35 West seem majestic. Take a stroll in the mist and snow. 
  3. Take a dare — Burnsville isn't a bad place to live if you have a bit of a wild streak. Never done downhill skiing before? Want to try your hand at snowboarding? There's no time like the present and Buck Hill is but five minutes away. Or you can live it up Xanadu-style at Skateville (motto: "Life is great when you can skate!").
  4. Get gussied up — Might wan to look your best, just in case. Go to Brow Bella to get the full spa treatment, then head over to Burnsville Center for some impulse buys.
  5. Eat out — As we all know, the metro area has a crazy number of restaurants. But, if you're like us, you probably haven't been to nearly enough of them because they're too expensive or you don't want to wait in line. Throw those concerns to the wind!


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